Desert House of Prayer

Who We Are

Located on thirty-one acres of Sonoran Desert just outside Tucson, Arizona, Desert House of Prayer, founded in 1974, is a spiritual center and community committed to silence. Surrounded by three mountain ranges, the natural beauty of terrain evokes an awareness of God’s grandeur. The conditions are ideal for fruitful solitude, in which “all things find their just emphasis.” —Rilke

We are rooted in contemplative Catholic traditions, but we welcome people of all faiths and denominations. Those seeking silence in order to encounter and respond to the Divine are at home here. People of all faiths have found Desert House of Prayer a place conducive to rest, reflection, and opening to God. Authors, artists, caregivers, counselors, teachers, and those in transition have found us a haven for reorientation and renewal.

Retreat with Us

We offer intentional hospitality to those who seek prayerful silence and solitude for reflection, discernment, renewal, healing, and to draw closer to God.

Spiritual Direction

We offer spiritual direction to both retreatants and non-retreatants for healing, health, and greater wholeness.

Sunday Community

We have an established fellowship that is always welcoming newcomers!