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In General

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Desert House of Prayer, we celebrate what makes us unique and distinct. People come to us from all walks of life: mothers, fathers, young students and older singles; caregivers, counselors, teachers and those in transition; pastors, parish priests, and members of religious communities; artists, authors, poets, musicians, and photographers; Protestants, Jews, Orthodox Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and those without any religious tradition at all (the “nones”). People come for our silence and solitude, our simplicity, and the smallness which allows for deeper communion with themselves, with others, and with the Source of all being. They come for rest and retreat, reflection, renewal and prayer. Many find a transcendent connection through the beauty of our Sonoran Desert at the edge of Saguaro National Park.

Challenges and Opportunities

Since our humble beginnings in January 1973, the Desert House of Prayer has stayed small and simple. No renovations have been made for almost thirty years, since the late 1980s. Now we are in dire need of upgrading our infrastructure to provide the best possible experience for our guests.

  • We need more hermitages, soundproofed offices for spiritual direction and administration, a meeting space where guests can gather to process their experience together, and a better Welcome Center as a focal point for our hospitality.
  • We need to provide handicap accessibility and update code compliance all our buildings.
  • We need to replace outdated building materials with ones that are more economical, efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

Now is the time to address the challenging and pressing needs of our spirituality center. We have strength, vigor and enthusiasm for a bright future. Please consider your role in our crucial and transformative fund-raising campaign. Give as generously as you can in communion with those pioneers and visionaries who first created this sanctuary. Support the mission of the Desert House of Prayer as a sacred center for becoming full of wonder and full of life.

Our Goals, with Your Support

  • Build two new hermitages.
  • Extend the dining room to include an outdoor area with adequate shade and views of our pristine desert. Create a small area for people who want to eat in silence. Expand the pantry, storage, and dishwashing areas.
  • Transform the current spiritual direction offices and carport into areas for exercise and yoga, audio/visual/media, a library office, and additional space for library books.
  • Connect all buildings with walkways that are handicap accessible and environmentally appropriate and provide more benches.
  • Create environmentally appropriate underground rain/water runoff collection units.
  • Improve roadways and parking spaces with minimal environmental disturbance.
  • Replace roofs, doors, windows, insulation, bathroom fixtures and air conditioning/heating units in all buildings.
  • Replace current electrical grid with solar grid.
  • Build a new Welcome Center with additional spaces for greeting guests, for meetings and occasional seminars, and offices for our guest coordinator, spiritual directors, and facilities manager.

Please Join Us

Improvements to buildings and facilities require money. We are seeking support through grants, foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and all those seeking to invest in the future of our beloved Desert House of Prayer. As you prayerfully consider supporting our Full of Wonder, Full of Life Capital Campaign, we hope you will reflect on what the Desert House of Prayer means to you.

To join us, you may donate in whatever way is best for you. We gratefully accept checks, credit cards, EFT, securities, planned giving options, and in-kind gifts. You may also click on the button below to open our Donation form where you may choose the amount, the type (one-time or recurring), and the intentions for your gift. (For larger donations, we do ask that you might consider using another payment method or selecting the checkbox on the online form to help offset our transaction processor’s fees.)

We are thrilled to have your support. Your donation will help us accomplish our goals and continue our mission. You truly make the difference for us, and we are extremely grateful!

*The Redemptorist Society of Arizona, dba Desert House of Prayer, is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your gifts and contributions are tax deductible.

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