People seeking silence in order to encounter and respond to God’s gracious invitation to intimacy with the Divine are most at home here! Women and men, young and old, are among our guests. They are from various religious traditions and include:

• Mothers and fathers and single people
• Members of religious communities and parish priests
• Lay professionals such as authors, poets, photographers, musicians and other artists
• Caregivers, counselors and teachers
• People in transition

Prayer Sabbatical
Our location, climate, and resources provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to re-orient and develop their prayer lives. Our chapel and a supportive prayer community, combined with spiritual direction and our well-stocked library, greatly assist those able to spend an extended stay with us. As a priest from Europe recently wrote,

“My two months at the Desert House were the highlight of my sabbatical year. The silence and solitude, combined with the intense prayer of a very supportive community, provided all the encouragement and incentive I needed to commit myself to the Spirit….”

And a non-Catholic wife and mother wrote:

“The faithfulness to silence was the most significant aspect of the atmosphere for me…. also the mealtime music…and was impressed with the degree of organization and how much that contributed to maintaining silence.”

People looking for desert resort amenities and activities would find these elsewhere.

“To meet God means to enter into the ‘cave of the tiger’–it is not a pussycat you meet, it’s a tiger. The realm of God is dangerous. You must enter into it and not just seek information about it.” (Archbishop Anthony Bloom)

How long can guests stay?
Depending on the availability of housing, guests can make reservations for anywhere from one day to several months.