Self-Directed Retreats
Most people who retreat at Desert House direct their own retreats. Each person designs a schedule to fit individual needs and goals. Retreatants participate in worship opportunities and meals to whatever extent they find helpful. For those who wish to prepare their own meals or eat in solitude, each hermitage is equipped with a small microwave, cooking surface, and refrigerator. Retreatants staying in rooms have access to a small microwave oven and refrigerator in our laundry room.

Staff Directed Retreats
Members of the staff are available to lead private, guided retreats if a person so desires. Each retreat is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual retreatant. For such retreats we usually offer direction at the beginning, middle, and end of the retreat, most often with no more than three sessions of direction per week.

Centering Prayer Intensive Retreats
Each month from September through June, three days are set aside for Centering Prayer Retreats. Our regular schedule is modified during these days to allow for four sessions of Centering Prayer each day and to offer instructional and reflective videos each afternoon.

The following is the Centering Prayer Intensive Retreat schedule through 2019.


Centering Prayer “Sit”

2018 2019
Sept 10-12
Oct 15-17
Nov 12-14
Dec 10-12
Jan 14-16
Feb 11-13
Mar 11-13
Apr 15-17
May 13-15
Jun 10-12
Sept 9-11
Oct 14-16
Nov 11-13
Dec 9-11